White Hall Police aren’t laughing after a bloody prank causes drivers to call 9-1-1 over a teenager who pretended to be shot.

Drivers on Gamble Road hit their brakes Saturday night, seeing a teenage boy tied to a chair and covered in what  appeared to be blood. A boy ripped a hole in his shirt claiming he’d be shot and that’s where the bullet went through. One of the drivers who stopped to help says the boy laughed then ran when officers arrived.

“There were several people that stopped, to help this teenager. Laid him down called 9-1-1. When 9-1-1 and police got here he jumped up and wanted to run,” said Jerry Works, who lives across the street from where it happened. “You had people, Good Samaritan’s, trying to do the right thing and it was all just a joke.”

Officers had the last laugh.  All three teens were taken to the juvenile detention center currently facing misdemeanor charges for communicating a false alarm. The alleged victim is facing an additional charge since he’s accused of running from officers.

Police say two other teen boys involved in the prank filmed what happened on cell phones.