Sheridan School Board votes to hire Dr. Jerry Guess as Interim Superintendent


The Sheridan School Board has voted unanimously to hire Dr. Jerry Guess as Interim Superintendent. The vote came after a short meeting Thursday night at the Sheridan Middle School.

Guess recently retired from the Watson Chapel School District. He also served in the Pulaski County School District as well as the Camden Fairview School District. He will fill the position until a new superintendent can be hired following the suspension of Superintendent Jerrod Williams in December’s school board meeting.

In other news the decision to transition the district to AMI day’s earlier this week was explained. Board members stated that on Sunday staff members that were either positive with COVID-19 or quarantined due exposure to COVID-19 were in the 30’s. By noon Monday 56 staff members had either tested positive or were quarantined due to exposure. Additionally, it was shared that 605 students were either positive or had to be quarantined due to exposure.

A total of 14.6% of all staff and 14.5% of all students in the district had either tested positive or were quarantined due to exposure on Monday when the decision was made to move to AMI days.

The board did say that in-person school is expected to resume on Tuesday following the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday.