Quorum Court continues to not conduct business for Jefferson County while bills go unpaid


Proposed ordinances including funds for employee Christmas bonuses and for the Jefferson County Road Department were on the agenda for the Quorum Court at a special meeting Wednesday but bickering between rival factions prevented them from being considered.

As has been the case all year, a group of JP’s led by Lloyd Franklin Jr., and Alfred Carroll refused to participate and County Judge Gerald Robinson adjourned the meeting when it became apparent that nothing was going to get accomplished.

After the meeting, Justice of the Peace Danny Holcomb expressed his frustration at the situation.

Several vendors who had provided goods or services to the county were at the meeting complaining that the inaction of the JP’s was preventing them from getting paid.

That group included DaMarius Mims who spoke with Floyd Donald.

Also speaking was MaLissee Bixler who, with her husband, runs a landscaping business and who has also not been paid.