The Pine Bluff Police Department (PBPD) is squashing rumors that another murder occurred in Pine Bluff on Wednesday night.

Officer Richard Wegner told Deltaplex News that information about a murder happening at 26th Avenue and Oak Streets is “absolutely one-hundred percent false.”

“Nobody got killed last night much less shot.  There was no homicide.  We had a disturbance last night and gunshots were fired…if someone got shot it was not brought to our attention,” Officer Wegner said.

The rumor quickly spread throughout the city in local churches and the Jefferson County Coroner’s Office, which was contacted by local media.

Officer Wegner confirmed that a disturbance took place at 26th Avenue and Beech Streets in Pine Bluff.

He also explained that it is “physically possible” for a person to get shot and drive to a Little Rock hospital for treatment.  He quickly added that even in cases like this, the PBPD would be notified.

Officer Wegner said that even the Jefferson County Coroner’s Office was contacted by local media about the rumored murder.  He expressed frustration about individuals using social media to “propagate stories” about murders.

“It’s hard enough putting these rumors to rest let alone dealing with the work that we are already doing,” he said.