By Deseray McKinzy

The Pine Bluff Fire Department and the Police Department had a friendly competition at their first Public Safety Cookout for lunch in the Courtyard of City Hall on Friday, May 21st. Captain Bruce Bailey of the Fire Department came up with the idea as a means for both departments to have an opportunity to connect despite their work duties and he further explained this to Deltaplex,

The event featured BBQ grilled and baked items made by members of both departments who were in competition based on the best ribs, pork butt, and desserts. Amongst them were other items on the lunch menu including snacks that were available to each member of their departments and City Hall. The friendly competition ended with the Police Department winning both awards for first place in taste, tenderness, and overall presentation, over the Fire Department.  

Bailey further explained the turnout of the cookout and future plans for next year,