By Ray King

With no dissent, the Pine Bluff City Council on Monday approved a resolution dealing with the fiscal Impact proposed legislation would have on the city.

The resolution was sponsored by Councilmember Bruce Lockett who explained it to Deltaplex News.

According to the resolution, it will apply to all, projects which require spending tax funds for multi-year projects, excluding salaries and equipment.

Also approved was a resolution which will allow Mayor Shirley Washington to sign a memorandum of understanding with representatives of “Bird Rides, Inc.” to set up a stand-up electric scooter sharing system in the city.

According to the memorandum, the company will provide a minimum of 50 scooters initially. The scooters will be governed by the rules applying to bicycles and are to be ridden on city streets and where available, in bike lanes and bike paths

City Treasurer Greg Gustek, who was involved in creating the walking trail at Lake Saracen told the council that while the trail allows walkers and bicycle riders, motorized scooters would not be allowed unless the rules covering the trails are changed.

Four resolutions allowing the Mayor to contract with engineering firms to do work on sewer improvements were also approved without dissent.