Nattin says he is working to get warming centers open following power restoration in Sheridan


UPDATE 4:45 P.M.

Sheridan Mayor Cain Nattin has informed Deltaplex News that TrueHope Church is offering a warming shelter for community members in need this evening. They will be serving a warm meal and have their doors open from 6:30-10:00p.m.

TrueHope Church
707 N. Main St
Sheridan, AR 72150


The City of Sheridan experienced storm damage that led to power outages and Entergy Arkansas had previously stated it may take up to two days before power could be restored, but many in Sheridan saw power restored within the city limits by Thursday afternoon.

Mayor Cain Nattin spoke with Deltaplex Radio about the restoration efforts.

Nattin said he is thankful for the Sheridan Fire Department, Entergy Arkansas, and all of the other workers who have been working all day to help get power restored.

Now that power is restored Nattin is working on trying to get local churches to open up their fellowship halls as warming centers for any citizens who may still be without power.