By Ray King

The NAACP has approached the Pine Bluff City Council and asked for support in their quest to see the three Pine Bluff Schools Districts consolidated.

In August, the Pine Bluff Branch of the NAACP sent letters to concerned citizens and to the media promoting the idea and First Ward Council Member Joni Alexander said Tuesday a similar letter was included in the packets sent to council members.

Appearing on the Oldies 101.3 morning show, Alexander was asked if the council could play a part in consolidation.

Alexander went on to say that she did not believe Barbara Warren, who was picked by the State Department of Education to run both the Pine Bluff School District and the former Dollarway District, which was consolidated with Pine Bluff, was the right person to run the districts.

Alexander was asked her thoughts on consolidation.

Warren had been the superintendent of the Dollarway District for five years before it was consolidated with the Pine Bluff District this year. Alexander was asked since Warren did not do the job to bring Dollarway back, what would make the State Department of Education think she could make things right by adding Dollarway and Pine Bluff together.