A proposed ordinance dealing with parades and public gatherings in Monticello and Drew County will be reworked following a meeting of City Council members and residents of the City and County on July 8.

According to the Advance Monticellonian newspaper, the council formed a committee to seek public comment after members of the public complained about the ordinance, which was sparked by a protest at the Drew County Courthouse to demand justice in the murder of Marquis Martin of Wilmar, whose body was found in a creek in February 2020.

Monticello Police Chief Jason Akers said that the ordinance was patterned after one in Little Rock and a lot of it could be trimmed down. He specifically cited parades as an issue his department has to deal with.

Alderman Cedric Leonard said there is currently no procedure on parades and said those and the rental of buildings for meetings is handled through the Parks Department.

It was agreed that the ordinance will be rewritten so that a permit will not be required but anyone wanting to hold a parade will need to notify the police department so they will have time to arrange additional coverage if needed to protect both the city and those gathering.