Meghan Trainor candidly spoke about being a first-time mom and, despite enduring several unforeseen challenges, the singer says she’s already planning for baby number two, three and four!

Speaking to Parents magazine, the “Title” singer reflected on how scared she was when giving birth to Riley, her first child with husband Daryl Sabara.  “We had a lot of bumps,” said Meghan, noting she experienced gestational diabetes and, when Riley was born via cesarean, he spent his first five days in the NICU for breathing problems.

“When I saw Riley in the NICU, all hooked up to these wires, I just saw the most adorable baby redhead I’ve ever seen,” she recalled. 

Meghan also revealed she has PTSD stemming from that traumatic experience.  The Grammy winner wants to discuss “the hard parts” of motherhood because  “It feels like I’m telling my truth.” Another truth is she’s struggling to love her postpartum body.  “I love my baby, but I can’t look at my stretch marks and honestly say, ‘Wow, I love them,"” she confessed.

Meghan is expressing her journey through her music. “I heard that when you have a baby, you get more creative, and my lyrics are changing,” she said. “Instead of writing songs to make everyone feel better, I’m writing about how I feel in this moment. But it’s not like every day is sad. It’s more like: Yes, I am a bada**, but this ain’t easy, and I have to get up and keep going.”

Despite experiencing numerous “bumps,” Meghan says she will happily go through it all again.  The “Me Too” singer is committed to having a large family and stated, “I’m gonna try to get to four… We’ll see what happens after three. I’m not doing less than that. I need three.”

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