Jewel is giving fans the behind-the-scenes scoop about how her surprise appearance at Olivia Rodrigo’s Madison Square Garden concert on April 9 came about.

The two singers teamed up for a performance of Jewel’s hit song “You Were Meant For Me,” and in a video posted to Instagram, Jewel told her fans the collaboration happened after Olivia’s people reached out to her.

“And I was excited because I was a fan of Olivia. I’ve been watching her career,” Jewel shared. “I became aware of her I think during ‘Drivers License.’ I liked her ’90s aesthetic. It’s a little edgy but very approachable — and she’s writing. She’s writing these songs, and I love them. So I was excited to go out, I was excited to meet her.”

Jewel went on to talk about how “toxic” the music industry can be and how well Olivia seems to be navigating it.

“This industry is like interacting with a poison. You have to have a plan. People will care if you’re famous, people will care if you’re making money … but nobody cares if you’re a good person. Nobody cares if you’re happy,” she says, before adding that Olivia’s “a good person. She’s grounded and she’s heartfelt.”

Jewel said that she’s proud of Olivia for her career, but also for her humanity, noting, “Where this industry just chews people up and spits ’em out I feel like she has such a shot as a human and that just made me happy.”

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