According to the Lincoln (County) Ledger, the county trails both the state and national average in the percentage of people who have returned their 2020 census forms.

The state self-response average is 54.9 percent while the national average is 60.1 percent. The average for Lincoln County is 41.7 percent while the average for Star City is currently 46.4 percent. The City of Grady has an 8.8 percent average while the average for the City of Gould is 19 percent.

The official Census Day was April 1 but according to the newspaper, the Census Bureau has asked Congress for an additional 120 days to get a more accurate count because the COVID-19 pandemic has halted in-person contact.

Overall, the State of Arkansas ranks 35th in Total Self-Response results with 840,000 households.

Lincoln County ranks 2,494th out of 3,215 counties in the country and 55th out of 75 counties in Arkansas.

There are 500 total cities in the state and Star City ranks 224th, Gould ranks 423rd and Grady 482nd.