Ken Baim and Kirby Mouser, longtime partners at Baim Law Firm and owners of Georgia Street Self-Storage, Inc., donated a key parcel of land to Go Forward Pine Bluff and PBURA in support of the development and expansion of the plaza located at Sixth and Main. The agency will use this land to develop multifamily housing in the plaza according to GFPB representatives.

The parcel of land is located at 6th and Georgia Street, near the Simmons Bank parking lot. Baim and Mouser, longtime citizens of Pine Bluff, have been involved in many business ventures in the City of Pine Bluff since the 1970s, including commercial real estate and self-storage.

“We both love Pine Bluff and thought it would be an appropriate use to donate the land to the agency,” said Mouser. “We’ve been following the Sixth and Main Project for a while, so when we heard it was moving forward, we decided to make the donation. We are both very pleased to make this donation. We are proud of Pine Bluff and what it’s striving toward and what it has accomplished. We know that the property will be used for a worthwhile cause.”

In addition to this donation, Simmons Bank has also donated their Pine Bluff Drive-Thru Motor Bank, located at the intersection of 6th and S. State Street, to the PBURA. The agency has plans to incorporate this space into the future Sixth Avenue District retail incubator. This space will feature micro storefronts that will allow retailers to occupy the stores temporarily to test and proof concepts that would have either been too risky or financially prohibitive for a retail startup.

This project is set to begin 4th quarter of 2022.