Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office Celebrates Top Ranking in ATLAS Summative Assessment at Jack Jones Juvenile Justice Center


Jefferson County, Arkansas – April 1, 2024 – The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office is proud to announce the outstanding achievement of the Jack Jones Juvenile Justice Center (JJC) in the recent ATLAS Summative Assessment. The JJC, under the oversight of the Sheriff’s Office and in collaboration with the Arkansas Division of Elementary, Secondary, Special Education, and Related Services for Residential Placement, has achieved remarkable success in educational outcomes, earning the highest ranking in the assessment.

In a statement by JJC School Administrator, Jeremy Cegers, he expressed gratitude for the dedication and hard work of the staff and students. Cegers remarked, “The Arkansas Department of Education places an expectation of 95% of all students to be tested in all schools and facilities in Arkansas. Housing one of ten as well as one of the largest juvenile detention center populations in Arkansas, JJC successfully tested 96% of the required population. JJC worked for months with Mrs. Vernita Lee and the Pine Bluff School District in preparation for the assessment. In recognition of the students’ efforts, Mrs. Lee provided each student with a care package and positive words of motivation.”

Sheriff Lafayette Woods, Jr. emphasized the vital importance of education, particularly for juvenile offenders who require secure custody in facilities like JJC. He stated, “Education plays a pivotal role in the rehabilitation and future success of our youth, especially those who find themselves in the juvenile justice system. Unlike many traditional education settings, JJC operates year-round for multiple reasons, including continuous learning, mitigating learning loss, reducing recidivism, and preparing for reentry.”

Woods continued, “I am extremely proud of Administrator Cegers, our teachers, and paraprofessionals for their dedication and hard work, all evidenced by the recent ATLAS Summative Assessment top rankings. We will continue to explore innovative ways to make learning more exciting and provide our staff and students with the tools they need to be successful beyond the four walls of our juvenile detention center.”

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office remains committed to the holistic development and rehabilitation of juvenile offenders, recognizing that education is a cornerstone in their journey towards positive change and reintegration into society.