Former Razorback Head Coach Has a Date in Court with Foundation


According to various reports, former University of Arkansas head football coach Bret Bielema’s trial date in his lawsuit against the Razorback Foundation has been moved to the week of Jan. 10, 2022.

The jury trial was originally scheduled for later this year.  U.S. District Judge P.K. Holmes III ordered the case to heard early next year.

The Razorback Foundation and Bielema are arguing about the former coach’s buyout agreement.

Bielema’s attorneys contend the Foundation broke the terms of the buyout.  They say the Foundation agreed to pay Bielema $11.9 million in payments until the end of his contract which was in December of last year.  Bielema is seeking $7.025 million.

The Foundation filed a countersuit demanding Bielema pay back the $4.5 million they paid to Bielema in monthly payments through January 2019.

The foundation argued Bielema did not seek a job commensurate with his standing in college football, and that Bielema and Cornrich had conspired with the New England Patriots to keep his pay below the threshold that would have mitigated some of his buyout payment.

Brett Bielema is currently the head football coach at the University of Illinois.