Former JP Jimmy Fisher is looking to return to Quorum Court in District 5


Former Justice of the Peace Jimmy Fisher is looking to return to the Jefferson County Quorum Court as he is challenging current District 5 JP Lloyd Franklin Jr., in the March 5 Democratic primary.

Fisher served three terms as the representative for District 5 before choosing to run for tax collector in 2022 where he was beaten.

Donald mentioned that Franklin is part of group of JP’s who are trying to have a government within a government, having separate meetings after the regular meetings and refusing to vote on legislation presented by County Judge Gerald Robinson. He then asked Fisher if he would take part in that kind of activity if he won reelection.

Fisher was also asked if he thought the actions of Franklin were an embarrassment to the quorum court and the county.

Ever since Franklin took office last year, there have been reports that he doesn’t live in District 5 and Fisher was asked about that.

Donald also asked Fisher if he wanted to make a closing statement and Fisher responded this way.