Coco Jones‘ life has changed since winning her first Grammy in February, namely in the way her confidence has increased. Part of that boost comes from Beyoncé, who sent her some congratulatory flowers after her Grammy win.

“It’s so inspiring to have that ‘You did a good job.’ That one? It makes you feel like you can do anything. And it inspires me because I want to give that feeling to the next young girl who’s in this,” Jones tells People. “I want to look at somebody and see me, see the hustle, see the passion, see the dedication and commend it. … It just changes your life.”

Coco’s success has also shifted her perspective, as she realizes she probably wouldn’t hold it “in such high esteem had it just kept going for me the way I assumed in my 13-year-old brain that it would.”

And when it comes to making new music for her debut album, the singer’s now more vocal than she was.

“We’ll be writing a song and I’m like, ‘The feeling is gone. We’ve got to stop. I’m sorry,"” Coco explains. “But EP girl would’ve been like, ‘Oh my God, I don’t want to say anything, because then they’ve already been putting all this time into it."”

“The feeling has to be there in every single thing that I do this time because it takes work,” she continues, adding she’s looking to make more uptempo songs because “I want my crowd to dance more.”

Coco’s ultimately putting more faith in the process this go-round. “I feel like so much happened that I didn’t expect,” she says of her career. “I want to be in the moment this time instead of trying to overthink things and let the chips fall where they may.”

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