Beyoncé seems to approve of the viral dance challenge that’s set to her song “II Hands II Heaven” — because she’s tried it herself.

On April 1, an X user posted a video of choreographer and actress Drea Kelly doing burlesque-inspired choreography, with the video’s original music replaced by the Cowboy Carter track. The video went viral because the music seemed tailor-made for Kelly’s sensual moves, and fans soon paired more of Kelly’s dance moves with other Cowboy Carter tracks.

On May 8, Bey shared a stop-motion Instagram post that shows her doing Kelly’s moves to the part of the song where she sings, “Pull my fit over these hips / You grip, I grind / Then taste this wine / I’ma taste what’s mine / ‘Cause I’ma take what’s mine.” She’s smiling broadly the whole time.

The post tags the Coachella festival, which is where Bey presumably took the photos: She’s also seen posing with Kelly Rowland and Coachella performer Chloe Bailey. A second post includes more stop-motion images of Bey doing Kelly’s moves. In both posts, she’s wearing blue sequined daisy dukes, a Willie Nelson T-shirt, cowboy hat, a fringed jacket decorated with the stars and stripes, and matching blue boots with stars.

On April 22, Drea Kelly told Vibe, “I have been doing that choreography almost two years now [and it] has been on my page. But you know, I want this to be a testament to people … Don’t think your content is too old. Something that you put on your page years ago, somebody can discover and it has a new life.”

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