For his breakout hit “Betty (Get Money),” Yung Gravy looked to the ’80s — a 1987 Rick Astley hit —  for musical inspiration. But with his leisure suits, turtlenecks and gold chains, he definitely looks to the ’70s for fashion inspo, which is probably why his fans like to dress like him on Halloween.

The rapper says there have been some great fan costumes over the years, including couples dressed as him and Martha Stewart, who he name-checked in a song and starred with in a commercial. But it turns out the best Yung Gravy costume wasn’t a costume at all.

“I actually did a show one time … on Halloween,” he laughs. “And I showed up to a party at some bar afterwards and they gave me a trophy and a little cash reward for looking the most like Yung Gravy.”  

Expect more Yung Gravy costumes this Halloween, now that “Betty (Get Money)” is the rapper’s biggest hit yet. Calling it a good introduction to his style, he jokes, “It’s cleaner than most of my music, so it’s a little bit misleading.”

But if you go to see Gravy and his pal bbno$ on their joint tour next month, you’ll see he’s much more than that one song.

“My show is very interactive and fun,” he notes. “And I think it’s good for someone who’s maybe heard a song or two by me to … see that I actually can bring it and have a whole catalog.” 

You might also see Gravy bring out a special guest: Rick Astley.

“I haven’t talked to him directly. I want to,” Gravy tells ABC Audio, adding, “He’s been on tour. I’m about to go on tour. We’re hoping to find a place where I can bring him out in a show and do the song together.”

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