Williams about winning on and off the field


In his second year as the head coach of the Pine Bluff Zebras, Head Coach and Pine Bluff native Michael Williams led the team to an 8-2 record and first place in the conference. After being a successful head coach at a school in Texas, Williams came home and on Monday, he was asked why when he appeared on the Oldies 1013 morning show.

Williams had more than 100 kids come out for football this year and morning show host Greg Horne said that a lot of the crimes that are being committed in Pine Bluff, and a lot of the victims, are young men in their mid to late teens to their early 20’s, kids that could be at Pine Bluff High School, and on the football team. He asked Williams about the responsibility of working with that.

Horne described that approach as “parenting 101” keeping the kids busy