Walker Hayes may be “just tryin’ to stay out of AA,” but he heads down to the bar to film the music video for his new single.

Walker shared a teaser of the as-yet-unreleased music video for “AA,” which features line dancing, strobe lights and, of course, a classic honky-tonk dance floor.

“Who’s ready?” Walker wrote on Twitter, alongside the teaser snippet.

The dance moves featured in the video are similar to the ones Walker and his family shared on socials when they first introduced fans to the song. Ever since the release of his viral megahit, “Fancy Like,” family-focused dances have been a big part of the singer’s success. His teenage daughter Lela choreographs his moves, and the family often come together for a dance party tailor-made for each new song he puts out.

“AA” is currently inside the top 20 and climbing at country radio.

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