Deltaplex News has confirmed from law enforcement officials and multiple city council members that former city council member and current NAACP local leader Ivan Whitfield sent the following text message to members of the Pine Bluff city council this morning in the wake of Maurice Taggart’s death.


“Good morning I am at the hospital with the Taggart family.   A mother lost her son a wife lost her husband and a son lost his father.   We must trace back the cause of this  incident in our community it started with the Go Forward movement and it has taken a toll on our community and this family.  I believe God himself have given you insight of how divisive  this movement has been    Someone must be held accountable other than Maurice. You must live with your decision to place this divisive plan back before the people.  Is it worth the cost ?

I hope you take this in love but I pray you look deep within and say this plan has cost us enough.

May God bless you.”