Priscilla Block drops her debut album, Welcome to the Block Party, on Friday, and as the title suggests, it’s an artistic mission statement designed to introduce fans to all sides of who she is.

“It’s me as a whole,” Priscilla details. “What is the Block Party? It’s sassy. It’s trashy. It’s sad sometimes. You know, it’s got kind of all the vibes.”

Fans have heard some aspects of her Block Party already. The lead single, “Just About Over You,” was a top-ten hit, and its follow-up, “My Bar,” is currently climbing the country charts.

As she readies the release of the full-length album, Priscilla says that putting together different elements and moods was a conscious choice as she was recording songs for the project.

“I’m like, ‘I want to be able to show every side of myself in 12 songs,’” she continues. “And I think that we really landed that. You’ve got my heartbreak songs, but you’ve also got me singing about thick thighs. And I’m really proud of this collection.”

It’s the musical version of a literal block party. And just like the rowdier songs on the album, Priscilla says that her parties can get a little crazy.

“We would have kegs of Busch Light. We would have country music playing all night,” she says, recounting her parties back in her hometown of Raleigh, North Carolina. “Gosh, I’d probably order in some Jet’s Pizza. All the things! It would get wild.”

Welcome to the Block Party is out February 11.

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