On Lizzo‘s new album, Special, out Friday, there’s a song called “Coldplay” that includes a sample of the band’s classic song “Yellow.” While she was chatting with Apple Music 1’s Zane Lowe about the song, he surprised her by getting Chris Martin on Zoom so she could thank him personally for allowing her to use the sample.

“Thank you for giving me the blessing, the blessing to sample you in and name the song after your band,” Lizzo told Chris. “That song, I mean literally, ‘Look at the stars, look how they shine for you’ — I was with somebody, and I was just looking at the stars. And I was with him, and I was singing it. And tears just were coming to my eyes.


“Like, you have such an incredible ability to move people with the poetry of your lyricism,” she continued. “So thank you so, so much. It’s so real.”

Chris laughed, “Hey, I don’t know to accept those kind of compliments. Thank you.”

He then asked Lizzo how her man reacted when she sang the song to him.


“He just held me,” she giggled, adding, “He likes it when I sing Coldplay to him!”

“If someone had told me 22 years ago, ‘One day, Lizzo‘s going to make out to this song,’ I’d be like, ‘OK, great! Let’s record it!"” Chris laughed. Lizzo agreed that “Yellow” is “baby-making music, baby!”

After Chris signed off, Lizzo told Zane, “You never get used to the feeling of seeing people who’ve inspired you acknowledge you … it never gets old, and I never want it to get old.”


She laughed, “That was so cool. Thank you for that. My underarms are sweating after Chris Martin!”

(Chris comes on at 12:14 into the video below)


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