Fans who’ve been paying close attention to Thomas Rhett’s socials over the past couple of years may notice that there’s something familiar about his new song, “Us Someday”: He first introduced it in 2020, posting video of himself playing it on acoustic guitar right after he wrote it.

The song comes off of TR’s upcoming release, Where We Started, which is due out on April 1. Like many of his songs, “Us Someday” documents a real-life moment with his wife, Lauren Akins.

“This song is sort of talking to Lauren at 19 years old telling her, ‘I know you think this is crazy, but I believe all of these things are going to happen for us,’” Thomas recounts. “And now here we are, over 10 years later, and most of those things actually happened, which is just the wildest thing.”

Unlike the earliest version, which features only his acoustic guitar and voice, the studio version of “Us Someday” is full of romantic strings and backing vocals, making it the perfect pre-Valentine’s Day release.

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