A fumble by NBC during Sunday night’s Super Bowl broadcast misidentified country singer Mickey Guyton as Jhene Aiko.

Social media was not having it after the network cut to country star Guyton, who was preparing to sing “The Star-Spangled Banner,” and identified her as Aiko, who was singing “America the Beautiful.”


The reaction on Twitter was swift and brutal, with one person writing, “Jhene Aiko and Mickey Guyton don’t look alike. Tighten up NBC. All black folks don’t look alike.”

Another tweeted, “ummm… who confused Jhene Aiko and Mickey Guyton?  Its tone deaf…. (On your part).” Yet yet another wrote, “Mickey Guyton slays the anthem. Too bad the same couldn’t be said for whoever wound up confusing [her for] Jhene Aiko.”

Shortly after the incident, an NBC Sports spokesperson tweeted an apology: “Leading into Jhene Aiko singing ‘America the Beautiful,’ we incorrectly showed Mickey Guyton and misidentified her before showing Aiko’s performance. We apologize to both artists for the error.”


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