Oscar nominations are right around the corner, and Tom Holland recently weighed in on the possibility of Spider-Man: No Way Home getting a best picture nod.

“It would be a huge honor for it to be nominated for an Oscar,” the 25-year-old actor told Variety while promoting his upcoming action adventure film, Uncharted, but said he’d also be fine if it didn’t.


“I think I can speak on behalf of everyone at Marvel and Sony and particularly [director] Jon Watts, the fan reaction that we’ve received — the love and support — is enough.”

“We have created something that has been such a culturally enriching experience for so many people, that watching those fan reactions to when Andrew [Garfield] comes through and Tobey [Maguire] comes through and Andrew saves Zendaya, I will never be able to live that down,” he continued. “That is just incredible. And for me, to be able to share that with the world is enough.”

As for another Spider-Man reunion, Holland isn’t ruling anything out.


“Could it happen? Of course it could happen. We’ve done it once before. Will it happen? I don’t know,” he says.

Nominees for the 94th Academy Awards will be announced February 8.

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