Valentine’s Day is next week, and when it comes to making love-themed playlists, Jason Mraz songs like “I’m Yours” and “I Won’t Give Up” are popular choices. And Jason says when fans choose his songs to soundtrack their weddings or other romantic moments, he feels “so special.”

Jason is teaming up with QVC+ and HSN+ for a Valentine’s Day special called Beyond the Music, which will feature intimate performances of some of the tracks on his compilation album Lalalalovesongs, which includes “I Won’t Give Up” and “I’m Yours.” Jason will also take fans on a tour of his organic farm, nicknamed “The Mranch,” where he grows avocados, passionfruit and coffee.

In a preview clip from the special, Jason talks about the way fans use his music. “I think it is one of the greatest, highest honors to hear my songs are being used for date nights, long drives and car rides, weddings, receptions, personal moments,” he notes.

“Music is this invisible thing that we can decorate time with. And we can have picnics and parties, and they can be without music or with,” he continues. “And with, there’s billions of songs you can choose to highlight that mood and that experience. And so if any of my songs make it onto that playlist for those events, I feel so special.”

You’ll be able to watch Beyond the Music with Jason for free when it begins streaming February 10 at, or via the QVC+ or HSN+ apps.

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