FX has dropped an appetizer for the anticipated third season of its everything-winning smash The Bear. 

In the frenetic teaser highlighting the show’s three Emmy-winning stars, Jeremy Allen White‘s Carmy and Ayo Edebiri‘s Sydney get ready for showtime in the newly rehabbed kitchen of Carmy’s fine dining establishment that bears the show’s name.

“Feel good?” he asks as Sydney smooths her new, branded apron. “You feel good?” she asks in reply. 

“Going to see,” Carmy says nervously.

For his part, Ebon Moss-Bachrach‘s Richie is ready, too, looking sharp in the role he trained for in season 2, acting as host. “We’re open,” he tells them.

Seconds after elegant menus are placed and a gorgeous-looking sliver of wagyu beef is plated, things go sideways: Carmy dumps a subpar meal in the trash, another meal is dashed to the floor by a swinging door and the gang quickly gets “in the weeds,” to use an industry expression. 

“I’m getting drilled out there,” Richie yells inside the kitchen, as he tries to calm impatient patrons who are waiting for their food. 

Moments later, he and Carmy are shown tussling, with Lionel Boyce‘s pastry chef Marcus trying to break them up.

“This is a dysfunctional kitchen,” Sydney gripes, to which Carmy and Richie shout in unison, “Show me a functional one.” 

All 10 episodes of The Bear’s third season drop on Hulu on June 27.

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