It’s time to check in to The Resort!

Peacock’s new mystery series The Resort starts streaming today, starring William Jackson Harper and Cristin Milioti as a couple celebrating their anniversary at a fancy Yucatan Peninsula resort, but instead of hitting the beach with mai tais, they’re investigating a possible murder. It’s serious, but there’s also some comedy, and Milioti tells ABC Audio she and Harper were given a lot of freedom to explore this couple who has hit a stale point in their 10-year marriage.

“We would try takes and complete silence. We would throw all the lines away. We would get in a mini fight. We would…almost get to the fight and then back off,” she recalls. “And like it just was so much fun to explore that…that’s the type of stuff as an actor where it’s like the dream.”

The show is from Palm Springs writer Andy Siara, which also starred Milioti, and she says they don’t leave you in too much suspense. Answers will be coming, “but they’re not going to be the answers that you think. Better tune in!”

“I think Andy has written something that is, like, very unexpected,” she continues. “And even the answers that you get…you just don’t see them coming, but they make sense and I find them to be very satisfying. But it’s like what you would least expect.”

Harper says he also loves a good mystery, but it has to be really good.

“Like a really good mystery I’m just like, yo, I need to go see what’s going on,” he explains. “But then like other, you know, other stuff, it’s just like, okay, well, either we’re going to have a twist or I called it. And so, you know, I kind of I do enjoy it.”

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