The Kinks Dave Davies is not at all happy with Twitter. As previously reported, The Kinks announced a new compilation, The Journey – Part 1, to celebrate the band’s 60th anniversary, but apparently when Davies decided to tweet about it, the social media site put a warning on it for “sensitive content” because of the band’s name.

Davies was so annoyed that he actually tweeted right to the social media site’s owner, Elon Muskwriting, “Dear @elonmusk would @Twitter please stop putting warnings on everything from ‘the Kinks’. We are just trying to promote our Kinks music @TheKinks #thekinks60.”

Davies later informed Musk, “The Kinks are a brand name. We have been called the Kinks since 1963.”

The rocker also railed against robots that are flagging their name, noting, “The word robot should be banned. We got robots running our lives. At least I’m a Kink and not a f***n’ robot.

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