It seems Taylor Swift isn’t the only artist who’s got a bone to pick with superstar manager Scooter Braun.

The Kid LAROI announced on Instagram today that his new single, “Thousand Miles,” is coming out April 22. But on Twitter, he posted a photo of himself listening to what appears to be a clip of that song — he’s captioned the tweet “4/22” — with the lyrics, “here goes another mistake/ I know I’m gonna make tonight/ and I will never change.” A thought bubble underneath him reads, “Show me ur last mistake. Use this audio.” That’s followed by three photos of Braun.

So why would LAROI call Braun his “last mistake?” Well, in June of last year, he left his original management and signed with Braun, who handles his friend, duet partner and mentor Justin Bieber.  In September, LAROI left Braun and signed with a new manager, Adam Leber, who handles Lil Nas X and Labrinth, among other acts.

In October, a source told Billboard that LAROI left Braun because the manager had promised that he’d be directly involved with his career. But once LAROI was signed, the source noted, the Australian Grammy nominee felt that Braun wasn’t participating enough, and he also had “significant problems” with Allison Kaye, the president of Braun’s company, SB Projects.

In the Instagram post announcing his new single, LAROI included a message that reads, “Thank you for being so patient with me, family. I love you all eternally.”

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