Dollface returns to Hulu Friday for its second season, which finds Jules, Madison, Izzy and Stella grappling with turning 30 in their own ways.  Creator Jordan Weiss and executive producer Michelle Nader told ABC Audio that women have more things to worry about besides their looks when they hit that big birthday.

“We felt like the milestone of a 30th birthday can be seen from a few different perspectives,” said Weiss, noting how Brenda Song‘s Madison feels there’s a deadline to “have everything figured,” out while Kat Dennings‘ Jules acts like “it’s just another birthday.”

Nader adds this season’s theme is “growing up without growing apart” from your friends by showing how the characters react when they must “cross that bridge from their 20s to 30s.”

Song explains her character, Madison, is riddled with “anxiety” and views her 30th birthday as “doomsday” because “so much of her life is not gone the way that she thought.” The actress revealed, “It was the exact opposite [for me]… Your 20s was all about making mistakes and, when I turned 30, I… felt comfortable in my own skin.”  She hopes Madison will also “get to that place” and “enjoy life.”

Dennings teased that, while Jules appears she “doesn’t care one way or the other” about her 30th birthday, “Maybe she secretly does.”  Dennings admits she, personally, was “excited to turn 30” because her 20s “were kind of a train wreck.”

Shay Mitchell, who plays Stella, adds Dollface is a cathartic show.  “It’s like a big hug,” she described. “It’s light.  It’s fun and it’s super relatable.”

There is a message Weiss hopes the audience takes away in season two, which she says is “Dare to care.” 

Dollface returns this Friday on Hulu.

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