You’ve heard of black eyes? Well, check out Teddy Swims‘ new black ears.

Last year Teddy said that when it came to adding to his already impressive collection of tattoos, he was “done with his face” — but apparently he didn’t mean it. On May 6, he reposted a video on Instagram of his tattoo artist’s latest handiwork: the tops of both his ears are now completely black.

One ear is also black halfway down to the outer edge; the other ear has two stripes farther down. “That ear is p*****,” he captioned the video.

Teddy has also added floral patterns extending from his ears onto his cheeks, and his tattoo artist, Sascha, even showed where he personally signed his work on Teddy’s face.

“Had an absolute blast! You’re an angel bro!” Teddy captioned his Story, addressing the artist. 

Shots fired, Jelly Roll.

Teddy told MTV last year that his most meaningful tattoo is the one on his forehead that says, “Home at last.” He got it after his grandfather passed away.

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