Break out your corsets and top hats, season two of Bridgerton drops today on Netflix! And there’s some new blood this time around, in the form of the Sharma sisters. Simone Ashley joins the cast this season as Kate Sharma, and tells ABC Audio she plays a protective big sister.

“They return to London, her and her family, and the stakes are really high,” notes Ashley. “Kate really wants Edwina to marry off the true love, but also to marry an Englishman of nobility to make sure she’s taken care of and then her mum can be taken care of as well.”

Charithra Chandran joins the series as Edwina, who’s looking for love and finds herself in the process.

“At the beginning of the season, she’s very naive, willing to be submissive under the belief that others know what’s better for her than herself,” she explains. “What you really see through the season and particularly in the later episodes, is her coming of age, her finding her independence and her self-identity.”

Chandran says joining a hit show in season two is both “nerve wracking and exciting for the exact same reasons.”

She adds, “It’s both this big thing that is so well-loved and received, and that makes it exciting. But it also makes it nerve wracking because you know you want to make everyone proud.

Unlike Edwina, Kate isn’t looking for love, but finds it anyway in Jonathan Bailey‘s Anthony Bridgerton, adding a “Scandalous” new dynamic to the show’s second season.

“There’s a lot of obstacles in the way between Kate and Anthony finally getting with each other…it brings up the subject of family more so, because Kate’s out there to protect her little sister and Anthony’s dedication to his family…there’s just much more drama.”

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