Sheryl Crow brought her sons, Levi and Wyatt, with her when she was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in November, and she says Levi, who’s 13, had an interesting way of trying to understand just what the honor meant for her.

“My 13-year-old was like, ‘Is this like the NBA Hall of Fame?’” Sheryl tells USA Today. “Afterward, he asked me if I was the Taylor Swift of my time period.”

Sheryl says comparing her career to Taylor’s isn’t exactly apples to apples, considering she came up in the ’90s. Back then, she notes, “There was nothing – no machine or anything – that could make anyone that big.”

Sheryl says the induction made her think that “there was a moment when [my boys] thought I was pretty cool,” but she already knows that one of today’s hottest pop stars — Olivia Rodrigo — thinks she is. At the ceremony, she performed with both Olivia and her own personal idol, Stevie Nicks.

“If not for (Stevie), I would not be doing what I’m doing. I’m still a child looking up to this rock star,” Sheryl notes. “I feel that way with Olivia. I somewhat see myself in what she’s doing. She loves seeing herself get better as a songwriter and that was me when I was young.”

Sheryl’s new album, Evolution, is out on March 29.

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