By Ray King

As work continues inside the new Saracen Casino, it is also continuing outside as a roundabout, the first in the city is under construction to provide what Carlton Safa called a “grand entrance to the property.

Appearing on the Oldies 101.3 morning show Tuesday, Saffa said there will also be a second entrance off U.S. 65 where an access road has been extended to the back-parking lot.

“So, if you’re coming from the south, there’s no need to actually come to the interchange at East Harding,” he said. “You can come in the back way.”

Saffa said the main entrance to the casino will be on the southside of the building.

Saffa also talked about John Berrey, the former chairman of the Quapaw Business Council who was the face of the casino and its frequent spokesperson.

Saffa said there are commitments that have been made to the city and county and those commitments will be honored.

“The revenue streams and everything that comes off that facility for the community are no less than constitutionally guaranteed so they have the strongest protection you can provide in the law.”

He said he had not yet spoken with Joseph Byrd, who will replace Berrey, but that a number of the business committee leaders are the same as they were before the election.