Even though he’s the artist who recorded it, Russell Dickerson isn’t sick of listening to his new single “She Likes It” — if anything, the opposite.

“It’s just kind of a bluesy, funky love song. You know, like, date night kind of song,” Russell says of the song, which is a collaboration with singer-songwriter Jake Scott. “I love it. I freaking, I can’t stop listening to this song.”


And “She Likes It” is just the beginning: According to the singer, his next album will be packed full of fun, addictive earworms reminiscent of the kind of music he made at the beginning of his career.

“I feel like my first album was full of, like, just young energy … and funky songs and whatever,” Russell reflects, going on to say that his second album, Southern Symphony, found him focusing more on his country songwriting skills.

“And I just feel like there’s another level of my personality that’s coming back with this album three,” he says. “You know, the fun, over the top, crazy — all that stuff is definitely going to be on album three, for sure.”


As he gears up for new music, Russell is also keeping busy on the road. His She Likes it Tour — the second headlining trek he’s mounted this year — kicks off in November.

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