On both his Instagram Stories and to People, Robert Downey Jr. has announced he’s gotten into the coffee game.

The Marvel movie star and Oppenheimer Oscar nominee has launched Happy Coffee, an endeavor with entrepreneur Craig Dubitsky, the guy behind the Hello dental care products and EOS lip balm.

On his Story, Downey plays a word association game with an unseen voice, who repeatedly asks him what he thinks of when he hears the word “happy.” Every time he’s prompted, RDJ replies with a different coffee-themed answer, from “latte luxury,” to “barista bliss,” to “filtered fantasy,” among others.

To People, Downey says, “I credit coffee, in part, for my sanity.” The 58-year-old star says he always starts his day with a cup of Joe. “I roll out of bed, I hit my knees. I have one of several prayers, usually of gratitude or just being like, ‘Please let me stay out of my way.’ And then I roll downstairs for coffee.”

His wife and producing partner Susan Downey agrees that Iron Man isn’t fully charged without his joe. “When we have some big day ahead of us, she’s like, ‘Wait, wait, wait, don’t talk to him yet,"” Downey explains.

Dubitsky and Downey have partnered with the National Alliance on Mental Illness in their effort, to boot. “Coffee sparks conversation,” Dubitsky tells People. “And loneliness is another big, big epidemic in this country. In some ways, we’re not in the coffee business, we’re in the happy business.”

According to the company’s website, the pair have given NAMI an equity stake in the coffee company “to further NAMI’s mission to improve the lives of individuals and families affected by mental health conditions.”

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