It feels good to be country again for Thomas Rhett and Riley Green

Since striking up a friendship the past couple of years, the two have grown from hunting companions to musical collaborators with their hit duet, “Half of Me,” which is in the top 40 and climbing on country radio. But Riley says that despite the friendship, he’s still a fan first. 

“It’s crazy for me because I’m not too far removed from just being a fan, and hearing these people on the radio that I’m getting to hang out with now. I’m a big fan of Thomas,” Riley praises. “He’s a Georgia boy, I’m from Alabama, so we grew up pretty well the same way. So we got along well.” 

One of the many ways they bonded is through their mutual love of hunting. The two went on their first hunting trip in 2019; Riley reveals he had to refresh the superstar on tricks of the trade. 

“He’s been doing the dad thing for a while, so I had to coach him up a little bit on the hunting. But he picked up pretty quick, and he has a little fancier camouflage than I do, but I gave him a little hard time about that,” Riley quips. “I’m sure we’ll go back again and he’ll be a hunter before too long.” 

“Half of Me” is featured on Thomas’ latest chart-topping album, Where We Started. 

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