With her new album, The Tortured Poets Department, now out, Taylor Swift is the center of attention, and for good reason. Both Rick Ross and Shonda Rhimes have praised her for her musical genius.

Prior to the album’s release, Ross shared his intention to listen to the project. “Fresh out the slammer and Florida!!! Blasting on the Yacht at Midnight. Taylor writes like a Boss and her song titles are Gangsta,” he said in a post reacting to a prediction that the album will dominate Billboard’s Hot 100 next week.

Shonda shared her thoughts on Taylor in an interview with People as she reflected on their first meeting, when Taylor perform her 2008 hit “Love Story” in her office on the set of Grey’s Anatomy.

“I remember she was an interesting artist. It’s so funny because back then, she showed up in my office with bare feet. She went off and played ‘Love Story’ and was like, ‘I really love your show,’” she recalls. “I had no idea who she was. I was like, ‘This kid’s adorable. Like, I love this song. The song was really good.’”

She says since then Taylor’s “produced so much music,” being “the voice of what that generation is in people’s heads.”

“You know what I mean? How they’re perpetually like the same emotional age somehow. And in a good way,” she says. “So I thought, yeah, her songs do become woven in because honestly, that’s what everybody’s listening to, but also they feel good and they work.”

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