An exhibition of Linda McCartney’s 30-year photography career just opened in Tucson, Arizona. The Linda McCartney Retrospective, co-curated by Paul and Mary McCartney and the Center for Creative Photography at the University of Arizona, has been traveling the globe since 2013, but this is its first stop in North America.

As part of the exhibit, CCP students got to ask Sir Paul some questions about Linda’s work, including what parts of her photography most excited her.

McCartney notes that she was “excited about all her photography, because it was her life,” sharing that when she started out her photography was focused on the music scene, but then shifted to “family life with the kids, horses, countryside and landscapes.”

He notes, “Whatever situation she was in she would use it for her art, and her craft naturally developed that way.” 

McCartney also shared whether or not his and Linda’s creative partnership extended to photography. “I was very into photography, so I could relate to what she was doing. But I knew she was better,” he says. “There was never any question of that. I admired her skills, and we could talk about photography.”

The Linda McCartney Retrospective is running until August 5 at University of Arizona’s Center for Creative Photography. It is free to visit.

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