There’s nothing wrong with a little throwback tune, even if it might not ever be a big hit.

Parker McCollum hopped on social media this week to play an unreleased song for fans, with the caveat that they might not ever see it on a studio album.

“I’ve done everything that I can/ It don’t matter where it lands / Ain’t a damn thing I can do/ Heads you win, tails I lose,” Parker sings, strumming his acoustic guitar along to the mournful ballad.

It’s a sad tune that sounds like it’s from another era, but the singer says he won’t ever stop writing throwback ballads.

“I still try all the time to write songs that sound like the ones I grew up loving. Just sad old country songs,” he muses in a note that accompanies the video. “Wade Bowen and the Warren Brothers stopped [by] the house yesterday and we messed around with this one. Probably won’t ever make it on an album but I still love it.”

Next up, Parker’s got plans to join Thomas Rhett on his Bring the Bar Tour this summer. In personal news, he and his fiancée, Hallie Ray Light, will tie the knot this month.

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