Normani is opening up about her mother, Andrea Hamilton‘s, breast cancer diagnosis.

In an emotional op-ed for Elle‘s October issue, the “Wild Thoughts” singer, who is an ambassador for the American Cancer Society, shared she felt “helpless” in 2020 after her mother found a lump for the second time, nearly 20 years of being cancer-free.

“I was in Los Angeles when I found out my mom had been diagnosed with breast cancer again. My family was back in Houston,” Normani recalled. “Three weeks earlier, when I was visiting my mom at home, she’d fallen into my arms expressing how scared she was. She had a gut feeling about the results. I felt incredibly helpless because I wasn’t able to cure her.”

“I could not change the circumstances. I also had to cope alone, thousands of miles away from my family. My mother and I couldn’t hold each other the way we both needed to,” she continued. “That day was my worst nightmare.”

Normani went on to explain that she was “not fully able to grasp the severity of the situation” the first time her mother was diagnosed due to her being young. However, this time she “really struggled.” 

With her mother in remission now, Normani said that they “maximize every single moment” and “prioritize actually living instead of existing” and added that after having to face the idea of having to exist without her mother “the things that scared me before no longer do.”

The singer then encouraged others to seek out preventative methods.

“Anyone who has a family member with cancer to see that your family talks to a doctor about genetic testing… Knowledge is power, so whatever you don’t know, don’t be afraid to ask,” she shared.

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