Stranger Things star Noah Schnapp has broken his silence on the Doja Cat controversy to let fans know both of them are cool.

Last week, Noah shared the “Say So” singer’s private DM in what was intended to be a funny video about her crush on Joseph Quinn. Doja previously slid into Noah’s DMs in hopes he could be her wingman.

The Grammy winner later revealed she was “disappointed” and “bummed” he had leaked her private messages. “That’s like borderline snake s***,” she said on a fan-recorded TikTok live, adding she chose to give Noah the benefit of the doubt because of his age. She noted of the 17-year-old actor, “When you’re that young, you make mistakes.”

Still, the video was polarizing enough to cause fans to draw lines in the sand. Sympathizers flocked to Noah’s side and slammed the 26-year-old singer for messaging a minor about her romantic interests. 

The controversy continued to grow, so Noah took to TikTok to let fans know the situation is all water under the bridge.

“Guys everything is all good I apologized,” he wrote in a comment after posting a funny video of him crushing math problems to a Doja Cat song. “I still follow her and love her music.” He added there are “no hard feelings” between the two.

Despite his assurances, Doja continues to shed followers. So far, she has lost over 200,000 Instagram fans.  Noah also now boasts more TikTok and Instagram followers than her.

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