NLE Choppa is gearing up for the release of “Ain’t Gonna Answer,” his collaboration with Lil Wayne. He announced the song on Instagram Tuesday, noting the project will drop on February 24.

NLE Choppa’s announcement captioned a Valentine’s Day dump, which featured photos and clips from what appears to be the set of the “Ain’t Gonna Answer” music video. In one clip, Choppa gifts Wayne some flowers and a note in which he expressed his appreciation.

“I simply wanted to physically gift you these flowers to symbolize my appreciation for you as an artist, an icon, and more importantly, an inspiration,” he wrote in the message. “I pray that this is just the beginning to a big brother, little brother relationship. With that being said, I want to say THANK YOU wholeheartedly.”

Wayne received the gift, calling Choppa “a good guy.”

“He’s a good guy, man, for real,” he says. “I do this a lot. This doesn’t happen, he’s a great guy.”


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