The State of Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration will begin issuing new Driver’s License and Identification Cards in the summer of 2018. The new cards provide more security features.

Printed on a highly durable card material are every cardholder’s personal information, photo with a “ghost” image and one signature. A security laminate covers the card, which not only increases the durability but also makes it more tamper resistant.

The orientation for all the cardholders under the age of 21 will be vertical instead of horizontal. This feature makes the card recognizable as an underage document. Every vertical card shows the date the individual will turn 18 or 21.

The card with a GOLD STAR on the top right corner is an Arkansas REAL ID Driver’s License or State Identification card in compliance with Federal Real ID Act of 2005. The non-REAL ID card will be marked as, “Not for Federal Id”

Arkansas is taking part in the federal nationwide initiative to improve the security of state-issued driver’s licenses and identification cards, which will help fight terrorism and reduce identity fraud. On October 1, 2020, anyone who boards a domestic flight or enters a federal building will either need an Arkansas REAL ID driver’s license (DL) or Identification Card (ID), or will need to provide a regular identification and additional accepted forms of identification. Additional information can be obtained from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

List of required documents for Arkansas REAL ID

The font and color of ARKANSAS and Class on the new card will help quickly identify the type of license as follows:

  • BLUE– Non-Commercial Driver License
  • MAROON– Commercial Driver License
  • GREEN– State Identification Card
  • RED– Learner’s Driver License
  • ORANGE– Intermediate License