Taylor Swift is celebrating World Poetry Day with the help of Spotify. In celebration of her upcoming 11th studio album, THE TORTURED POETS DEPARTMENT, Taylor’s top Spotify listeners received a pop-up message on Thursday. “Happy World Poetry Day! As a top streamer of Taylor Swift, you’re invited to join THE TORTURED POETS DEPARTMENT.” Such fans then received a digital card declaring them members, which they were then prompted to share on their social media accounts. “If you’re a top streamer on @spotify, show us your official invitation,” Taylor Nation wrote on its Instagram Story.

Additionally, all special editions of Taylor’s THE TORTURED POETS DEPARTMENT vinyl are once again available to purchase for the next 72 hours on store.taylorswift.com, including versions with bonus tracks “The Albatross,” “The Bolter” and “The Black Dog.”

Speaking of Taylor, Jerrod Carmichael says he considers her to be his best friend. “Taylor Swift is my best friend. I’m not her best friend, but she’s my best friend,” Jerrod said on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday. “Can you think of a better friend to have than Taylor Swift? I told my former best friend, ‘You’re out, Taylor Swift is in. You never invited me on your jet to a game.’”

Selena Gomez shared a handmade card from boyfriend Benny Blanco to her Instagram Story on Wednesday. “Happy first virtual date! – Benny,” the card reads, next to a hand-drawn flower. “#longdistancerelationship vibes,” Selena wrote on top of the photo.

Bottoms up! Bebe Rexha is the latest artist to team up with an alcoholic beverage brand. The “I’m Good” singer is now the majority shareholder in the Provocativo brand of sparkling Cava, which is a kind of Spanish wine. It’s available online now and will come to U.S. retail stores later in the year.

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