Ariana Grande proved she does her own makeup, and her fans are shook.  When doing an Instagram tutorial about how she perfects her signature look — aka the long cat-eye — Ari free-hands her inky black eyeliner with two simple strokes and zero mistakes.  Fans say the tutorial gives them hope that they, too, will be able to get on Ariana’s level.

Joe Jonas is teasing more about DNCE‘s return.  According to him, the band’s upcoming new single, “Dancing Feet,” is going to somehow include “dance battles to end all dance battles.”  He also shared a video that shows his band and DJ Kygo, who will also feature on the upcoming track, practicing their moves.  Joe has not yet announced when the single drops.

Meghan Trainor may present a picture-perfect parenting lifestyle for the camera, but the “Me Too” singer admits it’s a farce.  Taking to Instagram, Meghan shared a hilarious video of the facade she puts up about parenting her one-year-old son, Riley.  The clip starts with the “expectation” part of being a mom before jump-cutting to the “reality” — showing her toddler trying to rip off the kitchen cabinet doors.  At least she’s honest!

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