Miranda Lambert typically prefers to keep things simple at her live shows, but, well — when in Rome, right?

That’s the attitude she has going into her Velvet Rodeo residency in Las Vegas, where she’s down to try new things, even if the prospect is a little nerve-wracking.


“I’ve never done a wardrobe change. I’ve never brought pyro. I’ve always just been like, ‘Let’s make it a big honky tonk,’ you know?” Miranda tells ABC Audio, admitting that upping the production makes her nervous, “in a good way.”

“I’ve always wanted it to stay about the music instead of all this other stuff, but I always want to create a show. In Vegas, it’s got to be taken up a notch or seven,” she adds. “So I’m very excited about that, and it’s out of my comfort zone.”

Plus, even the most dazzling Vegas musical event can still showcase the songs. Miranda points out that she’ll be highlighting some of the songs that provided standout moments and memories in her career, like her music video for “Mama’s Broken Heart,” or the performance where she lit the Madison Square Garden stage on fire during “Kerosene.”


“There’s things I want to incorporate that were moments for me, and I want to take the audience on a journey with me — because I’ve been on tour out there for almost two decades,” she points out.

“So I want to bring them something that they haven’t seen before and really make this show one-of-a-kind, that’s only for Vegas, that’s special,” the singer adds.

Tickets for Miranda’s Velvet Rodeo residency went on sale on Thursday. The shows launch in late September.


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